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SUNDARBANS is the most beautiful nature’s creation in India (1 of 28 official finalist of NEW7WONDERS of nature of the world, a world heritage site declared by UNESCO, a Royal Bengal tiger reserve, a biosphere reserve, world’s largest delta, world’s largest Mangroove forest).

The sundarbans was hitherto unexplored due to it’s delicate ecosystem created by nature in millions of years. Till now Sundarbans was explored by only the select few who knew about it as it was never highlighted in tourism map.

Now EXPLORE THE MAGIC OF SUNDARBANS with it’s first luxury Air conditioned houseboat which is unique in a sense that it provides the World’s first wildlife safari in a houseboat. Each and every tour in the houseboat is personalized and unique as it is tailor made to the desires and expectation of the guests. Though the Houseboat is equipped with all modern amenities which we believe, will be beyond your expectations, it is constructed so as to make you feel being part of the nature and the local habitat.

Cruise through nature’s beauty virtually untouched by humans….. in luxury. Wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee in your hand and find a crocodile taking sun bath on the river bank, or may be wild boar running….. Hear only the sweetness of amazing birds chirping…. Or may be see the king of jungle’s royal stroll……while you cruise through beautiful creeks in dense forest.

It is a cruise where the guests comment….

– “It was like staying in a floating 5 star property in the largest mangrove forest on earth. Definitely calls for a revisit”

– “Superb service, thoroughly liked the experience. Was really impressed with the way even the smallest necessities are taken care of. Would surely recommend to others”.

– “ Never experienced such an organized trip in India or Kolkata! and AWESOME food!!!”

Apart from the opportunity to sight 334 plant species, 270 species of birds, 42 species of mammal including Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, Crocodile, Gharial, Gangatic Dolphin, Water Monitor Lizards etc., Sundarban being a vast area (2245 sq kms in India), there are many unique areas to explore. During the tour you may visit Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Sudanayakhali watch tower, go for canopy walk or fish therapy at Dobanki, visit 400 yrs old temple in Netidopani, visit the last and interior village of India and understand how they deal with tigers or may be enjoy their tribal dance. Visit burir dabri and Jhingakhali, the farthest watch tower on the Indian side. There are many more places like Boni Camp, Kalash beach etc. The package starts from 1 night 2 days and may extend to 6 night 7 days depending on how much you want to explore………